Rapid on-boarding of customer data…

eSENSE Retail is designed to be integrated rapidly and easily as an on-demand subscription service for our customers with no software to install or manage.  Our solution is specifically designed to enable clients the ability to focus quickly on critical business intelligence and analysis in order optimize their ROI and TCO.  From a customer perspective, the eSENSE Retail solution is a 100% web-based solution with a zero technology footprint.  Following this “Software as a Service” (SaaS) model enables rapid, low-cost deployment to customers with secure access from any device (laptop, tablet, phone) or browser and one-click export to Microsoft Office.

eSENSE Retail uses a standard on-boarding checklist including all activities required to customize and brand dashboards, collect and load historical data, update weekly data loads, setup user roles, assign security rights, as well as provide user training and support. 




Simple, low-risk pricing model…

eSENSE Retail’s pricing policy is based on 1) a one-time on-boarding fee to setup customers sites and load both historical data and weekly feeds and 2) a monthly subscription fee based on the number of product SKUs with no user or seat-based licensing. This provides a simple and very competitive pricing strategy that avoids large up-front capital expenditures with no long-term contractual commitments unless requested by the customer. Fees include site setup, data on-boarding of the transactional data from retailers, hosted site access, technical support and maintenance services.


Low Risk Pricing Model