Dynamic data visualization… 


The eSENSE Retail Dashboard provides dynamic and graphical visualization of retail sales and inventory data.  These views are based on user-roles and industry-specific metrics and reports that drive product performance and turn insight into action for enhanced decision-making.  With full drill-down and pan-zoom capabilities, users can quickly go “global to local” to view, analyze and act on business information relevant to their roles and data access levels. This includes analyzing individual store performance, product behavior by geographic regions, projecting future promotion levels and performance, year-to-date sales by product category, monitoring of inventory levels or year-on-year comparisons by units sold.


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Tangible ROI results… 

ROI Drivers

Our core value proposition is premised on providing customers fast dashboard access to their critical business information by rendering their 852 EDI data and other retail data sources in a secure, meaningful and relevant format.  This includes a suite of retail-specific metrics, standard industry reports, alerts and ad-hoc analysis tools for more informed decision-making in a dynamic business environment.  All information is analyzed across multiple retailers, brands, stores, geographic territories, products, categories, consumers and timeframes.


Intuitive design, fast deployment… 

The eSENSE Retail Dashboard is a 100% web-based solution accessed by customers as a “Software as a Service” with a monthly subscription fee. With no software to install or manage, customers experience rapid deployment that is focused on fast, secure on-boarding of retail data points scalable for multiple retailers and user roles. For fast customer deployments, eSENSE Retail uses a standard on-boarding Our Approach2checklist including all activities required to customize and brand dashboards, collect and load historical data, update weekly data loads, setup user roles, assign security rights, as well as provide user training and support.